the Cause

When you support IceCycle, you’re impacting the future of cancer research and saving lives. The funds raised by our riders support cutting-edge cancer research at America’s first cancer center, Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, which provides treatment and care for more than 42,000 patients each year.



Imagine only needing a monthly shot or transfusion to halt or eliminate your cancer. While it might sound simple, it’s already a real option for some patients at Roswell Park and it’s called immunotherapy. This innovative class of cancer treatment uses a patient’s own immune system to fight cancer. And it’s been found to improve a patient’s quality of life, reduce side effects and offer the possibility for long-term remission. Funds raised through events like IceCycle help ensure that cancer patients have access to these kinds of emerging treatments right here in Western New York.


Clinical trials are the first step to exploring and developing new treatment options that could potentially help more cancer patients. Today’s standard treatments were researched and proven by clinical trials done in the past.

Launching clinical trials and bringing these new therapies to patients requires significant funding, making every dollar raised critical to giving patients access to tomorrow’s treatments today. Roswell Park is advancing several groundbreaking new treatments thanks to support from donors, including:


Funds raised through IceCycle are managed by the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation, the 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that manages all donations made to Roswell Park. The Foundation ensures that every donation is put to the best possible use. You can donate with confidence knowing the Foundation has earned the highest possible rating from Charity Navigator for five consecutive years.