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You’re part of something incredible. When you support IceCycle, you’re shaping the future of cancer care. Your fundraising makes a direct impact on the lives of people facing cancers in two key ways.

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Research and clinical trials.

At Roswell Park, researchers and clinicians are working together to bring the newest, most innovative treatments and technologies to our patients. They’re bringing to life cancer-fighting approaches we could only dream about 10 years ago. Donor support is fueling incredible, groundbreaking changes to the cancer landscape.

Two examples are Theranostics and CAR T-cell Therapy.


In standard care, a cancer patient goes through a diagnostic phase to diagnose and stage their cancer, followed by treatment, radiation or therapeutics. Through an emerging field of precision medicine called theranostics — a combination of therapeutics and diagnostics — experts at Roswell Park are providing a new level of care combining those two steps. This approach is becoming available to a growing number of patients who have otherwise exhausted their treatment options. And Roswell Park will be on among those leading the field in finding new ways to bring this treatment to them.

CAR T-cell Therapy.

Roswell Park has been developing novel uses for CAR T-cell therapy, enhancing scientific discoveries that can change the way we treat cancer. This work started in hematological malignancies and, thanks to forward thinking, patient-focused leadership at Roswell Park, will expand to solid tumors as well. Led by Roswell Park’s Deputy Director and the Katherine Anne Gioia Endowed Chair in Cancer Medicine, Renier Brentjens, MD, PhD, the advancement of these pioneering methods will generate new clinical trials to introduce this type of cancer care to a growing number of patients.

Quality-of-Life Programs.

At Roswell Park, we’re committed to the care of the whole person. Our work doesn’t end at medical treatment, but encompasses the mental, emotional and spiritual wellness of our patients, as well. When you participate in or donate toward IceCycle, you’re making it possible for Roswell Park experts to run Quality-of-Life Programs like these.

Fertility preservation for young adults.

Around 400 young adults of reproductive age are diagnosed with cancer at Roswell Park every year. At the dedicated OncoFertility Clinic, experts help counsel patients on their fertility risks, assist with fertility preservation options and discuss medical management of menses during cancer treatment. Approximately 45% of those patients do not have insurance coverage for that care, however. Through a Quality-of-Life grant, Roswell Park is able to use donor funds to help those patients navigate their fertility preservation options.

Life Recorded Program.

Oftentimes, due to the stress brought about by a cancer diagnosis, those affected may have a desire to unload their experiences through the gift of storytelling. The stories shared may cover a wide range of topics including love, family, career, hopes, fears, travels and other life adventures. Through the Life Recorded Program, those stories can be preserved. The heartfelt stories of Roswell Park patients are captured in audio or video format by Life Recorded staff and made available to participants to keep and cherish.

Cancer Survivors Annual Educational Workshop.

Roswell Park hosts an annual workshop geared toward cancer survivors, entitled “Chapter 2: A Cancer Survivor’s Workshop for Living Your Best Life,” focusing on a cancer survivor’s journey after the diagnosis. Cancer patients, survivors and caregivers come together for this two-day event featuring world-renowned speakers, panel discussions and engaging activities. This crucial program helps to educate, encourage and empower cancer survivors to take their health into their own hands in a brand new world: life after cancer.

The Roswell Park Yoga Program.

Cancer treatment can have long lasting burdens, with symptoms that can remain years after treatment is finished. Symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety, depression and sleep disturbances can greatly impact the quality of life of these cancer survivors. Yoga has been shown to be a valuable intervention for cancer survivors in improving their quality of life surrounding those symptoms. Yoga classes specifically created for cancer patients offer more than a traditional support group. Yoga creates a sense of belonging, reduces feelings of stress and improves quality of life.

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